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Durable High Gloss Acrylic Doors.

We also do Kitchen Door Replacements
Qty.    Size                   Description              Total 4 715x596 Acrylic Door              £157.85 3 715x496 Acrylic Door              £100.66 2 715x446 Acrylic Door                £61.20 1 140x896 Acrylic Drawer             £19.03 2 282x896 Acrylic Drawer             £57.29 5 140x596 Acrylic Drawer             £64.85 3 715x396 Acrylic Door                 £82.94 3 3m Multi-Purpose Rail         £80.23                                            Nett Total          £624.05                                       20.00% V.A.T.         £124.81                                                    Total         £748.86
If you replaced your Kitchen doors and drawers in our high gloss finish Acrylic which can be in any size with a range of colours to choose from it could be a way to have a new looking kitchen for a fraction of the price. An example below with 12 doors and 8 drawers with cornice and light rail, in a white finish with a glass effect edging.
It would take less than a day to fit And you could have new soft close Hinges & Drawers for a bit more